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Proximity Card/Tag Encoder  
Model No.
GPW100 Proximity Tag Encoder interfaces to any PC with an RS-232 serial port, high performance and high reliability.
The Encoder comes with a utility software that enables you to encode the ID code into the proximity tag easily at your side. Due to GPW100, it becomes possible for you to program the proximity tag with the ID code you want. 
l Can encode the ID code at user side
l Can encode any ID number you want
l Can reproduce the same ID number if necessary
l Can produce the ID codes with progressive numbers
l One Time Programmed to protect the coded tag from being changed
l Encoded tags by GPW100 can be read by all GP Series readers or any other GP compatible readers
l RS-232 interface , 19200, N, 8, 1
l Utility software features:
- Read a Card
- Write a Card
- Write cards from a file
- Edit / Write a Card
- Write Cards with progressive numbers
- Duplicate a Card  
*Frequency: 125KHz, ASK
*Format: 64 bits, Manchester coding
*Interface: RS-232
*19200 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit
*Tag: GiTAG I(the only suitable tag for GPW100)
- Chip type: GI 8693   Read / Write
- ID code: 10 digits in Hex
- 125 KHz, ASK
- 64 bits, Manchester coding
- Rate timing: MOD64(64 clocks per bit)
- Compatibility: EM H4002(after programmed)
- Coding: user programmable by GPW100
- Passive, no battery required
- Operating temperature: -45 to 70 Deg. C
- Storage temperature: -45 to 70 Deg. C
- Available Size:
   ISO card: 8.57x5.40x0.08cm
   Badge: 8.57x5.40x0.19cm
*ID number: 10 digits in Hex or 13 digits in Decimal(Wiegand number format : option)
*Operating temperature: 0~50 Deg. C
*Storage temperature: -10~55 Deg. C
*Humidity: 10~90% relative
*Dimensions: 86(W)x120(L)x80(H)mm
*Power requirement: 9~12 Vdc, 500mA
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.
Available versions
*Standard version: EM format compatible
*Any special custom format  

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