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Networking Device
ตัวแปลงสัญญาณ serial RS232,RS422,RS485 เป็น Ethernet LAN/WAN
Product Name
Serial Ethernet Device Server 
Model No.
The DS100 Serial Device Server is a complete Ethernet-to-serial converter that externally connects any serial device to the Ethernet network. The DS100 is ideal for system integrators wishing to quickly network-enable existing installations or equipment. Read our Technology Primer to learn about 3 basic ways of using the DS100.
l Network enables any serial device
l Transparently routes the data between its 10BaseT Ethernet and serial port
l Available in two versions:
- DS100R with RS232 interface
- DS100B with RS232/422/485 universal serial port (interface is selected by jumper)
l Communicates with other stations on the network using TCP or UDP protocols
l Flexible, has many adjustable functioning parameters (Settings)
l All settings can be configured through the serial port or over the network
l Supports over-the-network configuration of IP-address
l Supports on-the-fly commands for immediate remote change of serial port parameters (baudrate, parity, etc.) 
l Features compact, attractive design (dimensions only 95x57x30 mm)
l Internal firmware can be upgraded in the field
l Supplied with the Tibbo Device Server Toolkit (TDST) software including the Virtual Serial Port Driver (aka. COM redirector), convenient setup and management utilities
l Fully compatible with the EM100 Ethernet Module (in fact, it is based on the EM100)
l CE and FCC-approved
การใช้งาน :
 * ใช้เชื่อมต่ออุปกรณ์ที่มีช่องสัญญาณ RS232 กับคอมพิวเตอร์ผ่านระบบ LAN/WAN

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