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โมดูลตัวแปลงสัญญาณ serial RS232,RS422,RS485 เป็น Ethernet LAN/WAN
Product Name
Embedded Ethernet Module 
Model No.
EM100 is a board-level component that adds an Ethernet port to your serial device. Very compact (46x28x13 mm) and highly integrated, the EM100 will fit practically on any PCB. The EM100 is ideal for OEMs wishing to add network capabilities to their Products. Read our Technology Primer to learn about 3 basic ways of using the DS100.
*Board-level component, installs on the PCB
*Can be used as a communications coprocessor or as a main building block of a standalone device, similar to the DS100 (see the schematic diagrams here)
*10BaseT Ethernet port on one "side"
*Serial (TTL) interface on another "side"- connects directly to the *serial port pins of UARTS, microprocessors, microcontrollers, etc.
*Very compact, dimensions only 46x28x13 mm
*Serial port supports full-duplex and half-duplex communications
Up to 6 pins can be used as remotely controlled general-purpose I/O pins
*Communicates with other stations on the network using TCP or UDP protocols
*Highly integrated, only one external component- RJ45 connector- is needed
*Flexible, has many adjustable functioning parameters (Settings)
All settings can be configured through the serial port or over the network
*Supports over-the-network configuration of IP-address
*Supports on-the-fly commands for immediate remote change of serial port parameters (baudrate, parity, etc.) and general-purpose I/O pins manipulation
*Fully compatible with the DS100 Serial Device Server (in fact, the DS100 is based on the EM100)
*Internal firmware can be upgraded in the field
*Supplied with the Tibbo Device Server Toolkit (TDST) software including the Virtual Serial Port Driver (aka. COM redirector), *convenient setup and management utilities
*EM100SK Starter Kit available
*CE and FCC-approved

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