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ตัวแปลงสัญญาณ serial RS232 เป็น RS422,RS485
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RS232-RS422/485 Interface Converter 
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RS-232 interface is a standard communication port in PC and other control system. And it is a very popular communication interface in control system, building access control system (AC9100), office automation system, time record system (TR510) barcode system,pos system.....etc .However,RS-232 has many limitations in transmission speed and distance ,So it can not be flexibly used in high speed and long distance control system. Now we support RS422/485 inter-face  converter for RS-232 communication system. You don't need to change any specification of your system.
*RS-232 interface converted to RS-485 interface for long distance connection.
*Automatically switching Transmitting and Receiving 
*LED is to show communication status
*Baud rate selectable 9600 or 19200
*one converter supports up to 255 terminal devices.
*Communication distance up to 1000 meters (must be AWG #24, #22 , #18..... individually shielded multiple pair cable)
*Don't need to change any specification of your existing systems
*Your software with RS-232 protocol still  can be used.
Half-duplex,1 start bit,8data bits, no parity Baud rate 9600/19200 selectable.
Power Supply: DC9~12V,300mA
Dimensions: 69*53*22mm
RS-232 Interface Connector: D-sub 25 pins female connector
RS-485 Interface Connector:  Screw type terminal block 4 pins
Operating Temp: 0~55 Deg. C
Storage Temp: -10~55 Deg. C
Humidity:10~90% relative
Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.
PC to PC communication
PC to terminal devices
Any long distance connection   
Available versions
CON485:for TR550 with RS-485 connection
CON485:for TR510 with RS-485 connection
CON422/485:for AC9100 with RS-485
CON422/485;for TR52X/TR534 with RS-422  
1.CON485 is an RS-232 to RS-485 smart converter so that you don't need to change any specification of your existing systems, and your software which is with RS-232 protocol still can be used as well.

2.CON422/485 is RS-422/485 mode selectable. Select RS-422 for RS-232 to RS-422 converter and your software which is with RS-232 protocol still can be used without any change. Or select RS-485 for RS-232 to RS-485 converter but your software must be with RS-485 communication protocol.
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