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Network Video Storage Server (NVSS)

DIS-VS200X Serie

DIS-VS200X Series NVSS (built-in IDE HDD) powered by Philips PNX15xx/17xxCPU and embedded RTOS Real-Time
Operating System for high performance and reliability, video streaming and remote monitoring and additional feature
of local recording on standard IDE HDD. Double bit rate enables high resolution local recording and fast transmission
over the network for remote monitoring.

bullet Supports Full D1, VGA, DCIF, CIF and QCIF.
bullet Supports double bit rates, transmission and local recording independently.
bullet Constant and variable bit rate.
bullet Support hard disk automatic formatting and continuously video recording.
bullet Supports Web browser, management, upgrade and remote playback.
bullet Multi-alarm trigger and recording mode, based on contact trigger or motion detection.
bullet Bi-directional; Duplex audio communication and Asynchronous audio amplifier.
bullet Supports watermark.
bullet Supports PPPoE and DDNS protocol.
bullet Supports UPnP procotol, bypass IP address.
bullet Transparent RS-485 Communication for PTZ controls, various PTZ protocols supported.

Ordering Information

DIS-VS201D 1-Ch Video/Audio Video Storage Server (Include IDE HDD Local Storage)
DIS-VS202DC 2-Ch Video/Audio Video Storage Server (Include IDE HDD Local Storage)
DIS-VS204C 4-Ch Video/Audio Video Storage Server (Include IDE HDD Local Storage)


VIDEO Compression H.264(MPEG-4/Part10)
Format PAL (625 line/frame, 1-25fps); NTSC (525 line/frame, 1- 30fps)
Manual or Auto Select
Video Input 1/2/4 channel (BNC, Vp-p=1V, 75Ω)
Resolution PAL:
D1(704x576), VGA(640x480), Half-D1(704x288), DCIF(512x384), CIF(352x288), QCIF(176x144)
D1(704x480), VGA(640x480), Half-D1(704x240), DCIF(512x320), CIF(320x240), QCIF(176x112)
Streaming Constant or variable selectable, Support double bit rate independent selection (option)
Bit Rates 100Kbps-4Mbps
AUDIO    Compression MP3 
Audio Input 1/2/4 channel (BNC, 20-100mV, 10KΩ) 
Output Bit  32Kbps
PORT  IDE Internal, 1 IDE HDD 
Network 10/100MBase-TX(RJ-45) auto detect
RS485 1
Alarm Input 1-4 Alarm Input(default NC contact)
Alarm Output 2 Alarm Output(default NO contact)
Intercom Microphone input(Vp-p=100mV), stereo output
Default Reset to factory default settings
OTHERS HDD Partition FAT32
Network LAN,WAN, ADSL, SDH(E1), VPN, Fiber
Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, FTP(client), PPPoE, DNS, DDNS, UPnP
Temperature -10℃~55℃, recommended operating temperature:0℃~45℃
Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing

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