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Professional MobileDVR

DIS-M101 / DIS-M104

DISCOVER MobileDVR is specially design for vehicles, low power consumption, no ventilation fan,
small size (car accessories standard 1DIN, similar to standard car audio system such as CD player),
aerodynamic design, suitable for embedded installation in car dash board. Suitable for all types of
vehicle voltages. Unique anti-vibration design with removable hard disk drive, Simplicity for recording
and backup management. Reliable system, powerful features, simple operation. Optional built-in GPS
module and wireless communication module, enable remote wireless management and real time
control system.


Most suitable for public transportation such as buses, long distance coaches, police cars, cash in
transit vehicles, taxis, and fleet management for logistic organization. Also suitable for stationary
installation in hazardous areas or environment. Reliability
Compact Size Automobile industry standard size (1DIN size, similar to standard car audio system such as CD player), easy to install, suitable for embedded in-dash board installation to compliment the car interior design.
Vehicle Power Supply Design for all vehicle voltage supply with over-voltage, under-voltage, overload and short-circuit protection.
Low Consumption Less than 15W for full operation with HDD. Less drain on vehicle battery loads, enable interruption-free reliable operation.
Anti-vibration Specially designed anti-vibration built into the removable HDD, mechanism protection against vibration. Enhance by electronic anti-vibration control and software based vibration control, combination of all anti-vibration technologies to allow a smooth ride with DISCOVER MobileDVR.
No Fan Design Eliminate the noise, heat, power consumption, humidity and other maintenance problems directly related to the fan.
Quality Components Most component are high quality, military specification components used in DISCOVER MobileDVR ensure reliable operation on long hours without much maintenance. The component we used in the MobileDVR must also be able to take the harsh environment inside the vehicle, especially the vibration, the heat, the cold, the dust and the humidity.

Easy Operation

Removable HDD Removable anti-vibration HDD, lockable, portable, convenient, just connect to a laptop or PC for operation.
Flexible Cabling Flexible vehicle cables used to prevent breaking due to vibration in vehicle. All cables used are suitable for vehicle installation.
Connectivity 2 high speed USB 2.0 ports, 2 RJ45 network ports, 2 x RS232 ports, 1 x RS485, and various Alarm I/O connection.
Fast Transmission Internal SATA connection, external 2 high speed USB2.0 connection. Fast Backup: Removable drive HDD, USB thumb drive, network backup.
Simple Operation Connect to remote control, mouse, keyboard, PTZ controller, extended cables allow long distance controls.
PTZ Control Support multi-protocol for PTZ and camera controls.
Expandability External connection with router, vehicle logger, GPS, alarm etc..
Built-in GPS For exact vehicle location and data for fleet management system.


Flexible Recording Mode Star engine recording, time schedule recording, manual recording, alarm recording, Exit delay time adjustable (After leaving the vehicle, the MobileDVR will only stop record after the exit delay time), HDD can be program to stop recording when HDD is full or override old recording (FIFO).
Compression Advance H.264 algorithms, sharp & clear picture, small storage file size. Alarm Recording: Trigger few minutes of alarm recordings.
Video Setting Individual setting for video, brightness, color, contrast, frame rates, picture quality etc..
Watermark Prevent data modification and allows authentication of all recording data.
Audio Recording: Capable of multiple audio recording with independent on/off control, suitable for noisy environment, with synchronized audio and video playback.
Text Display Vehicle license plate, time , channel, alarm info, GPS info, vehicle speed, location info, freely configurable setup for video and display information. Simple & Easy Operation: User-friendly graphic interface, easy to learn, easy to operate.
Alarm Handling Log file, display, alarm search, motion detection, video loss alarm, video blocked alarm, HDD error alarm, over heating alarm, abnormal voltage alarm, exceed speed, buzzer on-off set up and unlimited user log files and alarm log files.
Double Backup Capability Simultaneous back up of alarm recording on SD card for fail-safe operation.
Vehicle ‘Black Box’ Able to record vehicle braking, stopping, reversing, horn warning, open/close door, left /right turns, vehicle speed, auxiliary device input and various vehicle status information.
1-Push Operation 1-click operation for recording, software upgrade, multi media updates, exceed speed warning, illegal route warning.
HDD Management Auto partition and formatting, power failure protection。Recording Management: By alarm, vehicle license plate, time, and channel, file name., easy for retrieve and searching of images.
Playback Simultaneous playback multi-channels, frame by frame playback, 100x fast forward, reverse play, alarm playback, GPS linked tracking playback (synchronize GPS tracking with video playback).
Remote Access Support remote monitoring, remote management, remote download, remote alarm monitoring.
Dual Stream Due to the bandwidth in network transmission, especially the wireless network, DISCOVER MobileDVR utilizes dual streaming encoding technology. Real-time recording and transmission simultaneously over two separate streams, one for maximum quality for recording and another for faster networks transmission, solve the bandwidth problem especially in the wireless networks.
Double Network Support both WLAN and hardwired LAN network at the same time.
Auto-Reconnection Support wireless downloading re-connection.
Network Time Synchronized network time for recording accuracy.
Downloading Via network for easy remote management.
Electronic Captures Remote or in-vehicle video captures, clear snap shots.


Model DIS-M101 DIS-M104
CPU ARM + DSP Dual Core
Operating System Embedded Linux
External connectors High Speed USB2.0(2 x, 1 front 1 rear),  RS232(2 x), RS485(1 x),  RJ45 network(2 point),  Alarm I/O(4 input 2 output),  GPS connection
Storage Main storage Removable 2.5" SATA HDD,  Secondary Storage: 2 x SD card, Backup Storage: USB
Video / Audio Record
Video In    Channel 4
Format  PAL(625 Line, 50 field/sec)/NTSC(525 Line, 60 field/sec)  
Connector  Connector: BNC, Impedance: 75Ω, 1.0Vp-p   
Video Out    Channel 
Format  PAL(625 Line, 50 field/sec)/NTSC(525 Line, 60 field/sec) 
Connector BNC, Impedance: 75Ω, 1.0Vp-p 
Display Resolution D1: 704X576(PAL)/720X480(NTSC)
Horizontal Resolution 380 TVL
Record Encoding H.264, Dual Steaming
Frame Speed 1-25fps(PAL)/1-30fps(NTSC), each channel adjustable
Resolution D1: 704X576(PAL)/720X480(NTSC) CIF: 352X288(PAL)/360X240(NTSC)
Audio In Channel 1 4
Connector BNC, Impedance: 20KΩ, 200~2800mV
Audio Out Channel 2(Left/Right 1-Channel)
Connector BNC, Impedance: 1KΩ, 200~2800mV
S/N Ratio ≥75dB
Audio Record Encoding: PCM, Sampling: 8KHz 16bit
Vibration   5Hz~300Hz, X, Y, Z in all 3 direction 8 hours, 5Hz~11Hz, Displacement: 10mm, 11Hz~300Hz, 50m/s2 
Radio Disturbance Characteristic GB 13837-2003, CISPR 13, EN 55013
Voltage Supply +12V / +24V / +42V(+8V~+60V)
Current ≤1A(Incl HDD)
Start Current ≤1.5A
Power Consumption <15W(Incl HDD)
Operating Temperature -10°C~+60°C(Standard HDD)
Humidity 10%~95%
Weight 2.1Kg (Incl HDD)
Dimension 1 DIN: 200X178X50 mm (LXWXH)

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