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6" Indoor Flush Dome Enclosure, ชุดหุ้มกล้องแบบโดมใช้งานภายในอาคารขนาด 6 "


DIS-16H, special designed for cameras DIS-505C, DIS-506C, DIS-535C, DIS-536C, DIS-529EX, DIS-539EX, DIS-535B, DIS-536B, DIS-902H, DIS-822C, DIS-823C, DIS-835C, DIS-816C and DIS-827C

bullet 6" Aluminum dome enclosure, suitable for indoor installation.
bullet 6" Tinted acrylic dome cover.
bullet Meet IP33 protection level.
bullet Optional heater and fan to maintain working temperature.
bullet Quick On / Off dome cover for installation & maintenance.
bullet A stainless steel retaining cable.
bullet Panel mounting hole: 225 mm.
bullet FEVE: endurable environment, resistible acid & base, five years warranty. (Optional)


CE According to EMC DIRECTIVE 89/336/EEC(EN 61000-6-3 / EN 50130-4)
FCC According to FCC Part 15 Class B(DoC)
RoHS According to CS / 2006 / 70002(SGS)

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