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Single / Multi-port Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

DIS-1100 / DIS-1200 / DIS-1400 / DIS-1600 / DIS-GAGE / DIS-NMS

Discover's latest multi-port Ethernet Fiber Media converter are available in 1-port, 2-port, 4-port and 6-port model. DIS-1100, DIS-1200, DIS-1400 and DIS-1600 series 10/100Mbps adaptive switch built-in, to convert electrical signal of 10Base-T and/or 100Base-TX twisted pairs with optical signal of 100Base-TFX. It could extend traditional 10/100M fast Ethernet to a distance of up to 120km through a single optical fiber link. This product supports two different types of network connection mediums: 10/100Base-TX and 100Base-FX, and fulfil data transmission between the two networks with switching technology and store-and-forward technology. This product is fully compatible with Discover's range of network CCTV products, group users and intelligent community broadband access.

The DIS-CAGE-ET cage assembly is a durable and compact enclosure specially designed for Ethernet Fiber Media Converter. It is built-in with power supply and optional redundant power supply and optional network management. The DIS-CAGE-ET capacity for any combination of single/multi-port modules. Easy installation. Filler panels available for unused positions.

Support also SNMP based intelligent network management, for easy monitor and configuration both locally and remotely. Features
bullet Auto-sensing 10/100Mbps, facilitating network upgrade.
bullet Built-in efficient switching core to enable flow control and reduce broadcast packets.
bullet Support Full Duplex or Half Duplex mode, auto MDI/MDI-X.
bullet Support automatic UTP polarity correction.
bullet Support up to 1552 byte for store-and-forward mode packet size.
bullet Support QoS (Quality of Service) and guarantee for VOIP/IPTV transmission.
bullet Support SNMP protocol. (for certain model only)
bullet Low power consumption: low heat, stable and reliable for lifetime operation.
bullet Options available: SM in dual fiber, MM in dual fiber and SM in single fiber.

Sample Network Design

Ordering Information

Model Fiber Port Ethernet Port SNMP Protocol Unit Distance
DIS-E110020-T/R 1 1 - 1 pair 20km
DIS-E120020-T/R  1  - 1 pair  20km
DIS-E140020-T/R  1 4  - 1 pair  20km
DIS-E160020-T/R  1  - 1 pair  20km
DIS-E110080-T/R 1 1 - 1 pair 80km
DIS-E120080-T/R 1 2 - 1 pair 80km
DIS-E140080-T/R 1 4 - 1 pair 80km
DIS-E160080-T/R 1 6 - 1 pair 80km
DIS-E110120-T/R 1 1 - 1 pair 120km
DIS-E120120-T/R 1 2 - 1 pair 120km
DIS-E140120-T/R 1 4 - 1 pair 120km
DIS-E160120-T/R 1 6 - 1 pair 120km
DIS-E11N020-T/R 1 1 Yes 1 pair 20km
DIS-E11N080-T/R 1 1 Yes 1 pair 80km
DIS-E11N120-T/R 1 1 Yes 1 pair 120km

Model Description Unit
DIS-GAGE-ET14 14 slots, dual power supply cage 1 box
DIS-GAGE-ET16 16 slots, dual power supply cage 1 box
DIS-GAGE-NM 16 slots, dual power supply cage with SNMP 1 box
DIS-NMS SNMP Management Server Software


Model Single / Multi-port Ethernet Fiber Media Converter
Access mode 10/100Mbps
Protocols IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet, IEEE802.3u, 100Base-TX/FX Fast Ethernet, IEEE802.3x Flow control, IEEE802.1q VLAN, IEEE802.1p QoS, IEEE802.1d, Spanning Tree
Wavelength 850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm
Maximum distance Multi-mode (MM): 2km
Single-mode (SM): 120km
UTP cable Category-5
Port RJ45 port: STU / UTP twisted pair
Multi-mode (MM): SC / ST (50/125µm
Single-mode (SM): SC / FC (9/125µm)
Conversion Media conversion, store-and-forward
MAC address table 1K
Buffer 1Mbit
Flow control Full duplex: flow control
Half duplex: back pressure
Delay 9.6µs
MTBF 100,000 hours
FDX (FX Full Duplex), FX 100 (Fiber 100M transmission rate)
TP1/2 LINK/ACT (1/2 port twisted pair link action)
TP1/2 100 (1/2 port twisted pair 100M transmission rate)
Power supply DC5V 1A external (excluding DIS-CAGE-ET)
Operating temperature -10 ~ +55°C
Operating humidity 5% ~ 90%

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