Products Digital Video System : CISEYE IP Camera

CISEYE Indoor / Outdoor Mini IP Speed Dome Camera || CIP-600
Fast & Silent Motion
No Accumulative Error with Preset Function
Shortest Path by Vector Drive Technology
High Accuracy with Micro-Stepping Control Technology
Smooth Motion at High Zoom Magnification Mode
Lightning Speed (Max. 360°/ sec) & Smooth Manual Speed (Min. 0.05°/ sec)
Lowest Noise & Lowest Vibration
Endless 360° Pan Rotation
Stable Hardware
Embedded Linux OS
Hardware MPEG4 ASP
Various Software Support
Web Viewer
Pure   web   browser  -  based   Monitoring
PTZ control, Motion detection setup and etc.
Remote Settings and Firmware Upgrading
CISEYE VS Multi-View & Recording Software
Simultaneous Monitoring & Recording up to 16 CH
Event Recording by Schedule, Alarm, Motion
Automatic  HDD  Shift  in  Recording  Mode
Wide Connectivity Support
Static, Dynamic, PPPoE Support
Dynamic IP Support with DDNS
Powerful Features
Independent Preset Characteristic Setup (AE, WB and etc.)
128 Preset Positions with Alphanumeric Labels
4 Patterns, 8 Groups, 8 Swings
8 Provacy Zone Masking Function
Auto Flip, Auto Parking, Power-up Action
On-Screen Display On/Off
Built-in Sensor in Function (4 In)
Small Size / Weather-proof / Vandal-proof
High Frame Rate with Superior Video Quality
MPEG4 Compression variuos with quality setting
High Speed: 30 fps at 720x480, 25 fps at 720x576
Bidirectional Audio support
High Quality Zoom Camera
X100 Zoom Control (Optical X10, Digital X10)
Day & Night (IR Cut Filter)
SNR (Super Noise Reduction)
Hardware based object Tracking & Intelligent Tracking Algorithm
No interface with PTZ Motion
Tolerate to wide range of object speed
Robust against weather (swaying leaves, snow, rain)
Home on Inactivity  
Tracking Priority: (The bigger the higher)  
Adjustable Sensitivity  
Auto Map Generation
After Installing PTZ, make camera to generate the Scenery Map autonomously
It will process and stitch a series of pictures to make one overall Scenery Map
Using Scenery Map, you can quickly switch one place to another
By drawing a box on the map, PTZ will move to the center of the box as well as adjust zoom ratio to match the box  
Virtual Joystick
Virtual Joystick is inspired by real Joystick
Control PTZ quickly and instinctively just like a joystick in the Keyboard
PTZ speed is proportional to the deviation of knob from the center

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