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CISEYE Indoor IR IP Dome Camera || CIP-700
True Day / Night Function
True day / night function by Digital MICOM IC (True color at day, true B/W at night / low illuminance condition)
Dual Anti - IR LED reflection front cover glass, perfect interception from 100% isolation of camera lens from IR LED diffused reflection
Broad Band Anti-Reflection coated front cover glass for perfect IR LED
Built - in  100mA  visible  850nm  IR  LED  x  28ea , visibility Range : Real 15M  (Approximately 45Feet)
IR LED Cut Coated CDS  (PhotoDiode)  Sensored
IR  LED  Temperature  Feed  Back  Circuit   for advanced IR LED protection
Powerful Functions
Bidirectional Audio support
Digital I/O for external alarm and sensor (1 In/1 Out)
UPnP for fast and easy installation
Supports 3GPP / ISMA  RTSP  (Mobile Surveillance)
Optimal synchronization of video & audio
OSD - English On/Off
Wide Connectivity Support
Static, Dynamic, PPPoE Support
Dynamic IP Support with DDNS
Various Software Support
Web Viewer
Pure   web   browser  -  based   Monitoring
Motion detection setup
Remote Settings and Firmware Upgrading
CISEYE VS Multi-View & Recording Software
Simultaneous Monitoring  &  Recording up to 16 CH
Event Recording by Schedule, Alarm, Motion
Automatic  HDD  Shift  in  Recording  Mode
Remote configuration and control sixteen devices
Instant database searching and event preview
Remote indicator and control  for  D/I  and  D/O
High compression ratio  and  storage capacity
High Frame Rate with Superior Video Quality
MJPEG and MPEG4 selectable to optimize quality & bandwidth
Simultaneous Motion JPEG & MPEG-4 dual streaming
Excellent image quality with up to 30 fps (25 fps) in full D1 resolution
Various image resolution : 704x480 (704x576) , 352x240 (352x288) , 176x120 (176x144)
High quality color reproduction  and  crystal clear picture with higher definition and resolution
Compact & Stable IP Dome Camera
Embedded Linux OS
Power   over   Ethernet   (IEEE802.3af)   support
Camera Electronic Features
Accidental surge input and electronic shock protected
Reverse polarity power protection circuit
Camera Mechanical Features
Vandal proof and tamperproof with robust ball typed inner bracket built-in
Robust aluminium housing and topped polycarbonate clear cover built-in
EZ-TURN  Camera  (Easy  Adjusting  &  Locking Mechanism)  
Circular diffused reflection free mechanism  
The CISEYE Indoor IP Dome Camera, CIP-700 is a high-performance & intelligent camera for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring. It offers a convenient, compact and cost-efficient solution with highly intelligent functions. Users of CIP-700 can easily access it via Internet , receiving synchronized video & audio from anywhere anytime.
CIP-700 features True Day / Night function. It is equipped with powerful 28 x 850nm IR LED and special Anti-IR LED Reflection front cover glass that can provide real 15 meter visibility range.When IR LED automatically switch on , CIP-700 switch from color to monochrome , enhancing sensitivity for infrared illumination to provide high quality image even in total darkness conditions.
The built-in support for Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) enables power to be delivered to the camera via the network, reducing installation costs by eliminating the need for power outlets.
Moreover, CIP-700 housings are constructed of metal alloy and is vandalproof and tamperproof.

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