Products Digital Video System : CISEYE IP Camera

CISEYE Indoor IR IP Dome Camera || CIP-760
Powerful Functions
Bidirectional Audio support
Digital I/O for external alarm and sensor (1 In/1 Out)
UPnP for fast and easy installation
Supports 3GPP / ISMA  RTSP  (Mobile Surveillance)
Optimal synchronization of video & audio
OSD - English On/Off
Wide Connectivity Support
Static, Dynamic, PPPoE Support
Dynamic IP Support with DDNS
Compact & Stable IP Dome Camera
Embedded Linux OS
High Frame Rate with Superior Video Quality
MJPEG and MPEG4 selectable to optimize quality & bandwidth
Simultaneous Motion JPEG & MPEG-4 dual streaming
Excellent image quality with up to 30 fps (25 fps) in full D1 resolution
Various image resolution : 704x480 (704x576) , 352x240 (352x288) , 176x120 (176x144)
High  quality  color  reproduction  and  crystal  clear picture with higher definition and resolution
Various Software Support
Web Viewer
Pure   web   browser  -  based   Monitoring
Motion detection setup
Remote Settings and Firmware Upgrading
CISEYE VS Multi-View & Recording Software
Simultaneous Monitoring  &  Recording up to 16 CH
Event Recording by Schedule, Alarm, Motion
Automatic  HDD  Shift  in  Recording  Mode
Remote configuration and control sixteen devices
Instant database searching and event preview
Remote indicator and control  for  D/I  and  D/O
High compression ratio  and  storage capacity
The CISEYE Indoor IP Dome Camera, CIP-760 is a intelligent camera for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring. It offers a convenient, compact and cost-efficient solution with highly intelligent functions. Users of CIP-760 can easily access it via Internet , receiving synchronized video & audio from anywhere anytime.
CIP-760 features Day / Night function. It is comes with 23 IR LEDs that can provide real 20 meter visibility range.When IR LED automatically switch on , CIP-760 delivers crisp and clear images even in total darkness conditions.
CIP-760 provides two-way audio support .This enables remote users not only to view, but also to listen in on an area and communicate orders or requests to visitors or intruders.
Moreover, The CIP-760 also offers a hardware based motion detection function. If you marks some area of interested , you can make the camera to sound the alert voice or , activate the alarm output, and send the image via e-mail or to an FTP location.All of these functions are provided not by client PC but by the camera itself.

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